Corpus Christi Round Robin Taekwondo Championship
November 2, 2019

Corpus Christi Round Robin Taekwondo Championship

Dear Masters, Instructors, Parents and Students,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Corpus Christi Round Robin Taekwondo Championship. 

This competition is sparring only!  This allows fighters to come to a tournament and compete against everyone in their division.  Example:  If you have 5 competitors in your division, you will fight 4 times, win or lose.  The competitor with the most wins will be the first place winner; the competitor with the second most wins will be second place, and so on.  This format allows a competitor to prove his/her fighting skills and gain practice needed for future tournament participation. No more going to a tournament and fighting one match, and then going home. Let’s come to spar, and spar some more.

We are requiring everybody to PRE-REGISTER.  Competitors that wish to compete and do not  pre-register will incur a $10.00 late fee. Late registrations will be accepted at the door.    Matches should start on time and there will be no forms competition at this tournament.

Come join me for the 27th annual Corpus Christi Taekwondo Championship featuring the “round robin competition.”  Once again all rings will be matted and electronic scoring systems will be used for this event.


All events are scheduled.  Competitors are free to come and go, as no division will start prior to its scheduled time. 

To make registration easier, we are offering secure online registration.  You may register at  Online Registration will be open until Thursday before the tournament.  However, to avoid a late fee, you must pre-register on or before October 27, 2019.


Please visit for a fight schedule and/or any other information.


Master Raymond  Lumampao

Tournament Director 

Lumampao Martial Arts

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